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Kaihly Rae
12.13.89 Sagittarius.Sarcastic.Stubborn

You have stumbled upon my personal tumblr which includes mostly Cosplay, Supernatural (Specifically Destiel), Welcome to Night Vale, Some of my Fashion, Hetalia, and My Cats

Quick Links to Specific Cosplays:
Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
Germany (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Castiel, Benny, and Lucifer (Supernatural)
Cecil (Welcome to Night Vale)

Lucifer Cosplay Ask Blog
Cecil Cosplay Ask Blog

Here are other links to get you around to my various sites:
Art Tumblr

Other contact info:
email: Kaihlyrae@gmail.com
Skype: Kanarae

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redeaddie replied to your post: Oh, btw. I’m totally blonde now! It’s …

It looks epic.

it feels pretty intense. It’s like.. the perfect shade of blonde if I wanted to pull an Elsa.

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crisontumblr replied to your post: Oh, btw. I’m totally blonde now! It’s …

Looks good! Although I’m amused by how, in the second picture, it looks like you’ve been lit by some kind of heavenly glow. XD

overhead studio lights XD

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ADHD/ADD Survey ⇢

Hey guys, a friend of mine is doing an anonymous survey for a paper she is writing on adhd. Its only 4 yes or no questions.. Could you please help her out?

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mermaids don’t have thigh gaps but they can still lure men to their deaths

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