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I feel like the hunchback of notre dame.

Because I’m locked away in my parents bedroom until the field hockey mothers leave. (I refused to put on real clothing because of my sunburn and hence cannot be seen.) Stuck doing the second piece of annoying field hockey artwork that I’ve done this week too… boo/hiss.

Keep me entertained?

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Aw man, that’s the worst. I hope it heals without much pain.

Thanks! (I think it’s going to teach me a solid lesson though XD;; )

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*completely avoids bodily contact to avoid causing you pain* *looks at you with eyes full of sympathy tears*

It’s my own fault, but yeah it’s rough >.<;;

Aug 21
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skinny-jeans-wearing-assassin replied to your post: the lighter pink shades are actually t…

Ow D: Get better soon! <3

Thanks! I’ll do my best! :D

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nightshadetears replied to your post: the lighter pink shades are actually t…

I get the same thing… try and get some Solarcaine or Caladryl apply towels with cold vinegar. Also, Melox (I think it’s alluminum hidroxide, it’s for upset stomachs) works wonders! Hope you heal soon.

my mom bought me Solarcaine and it’s pretty much saving my life. Thanks so much for the other ideas though. anything and everything helps.

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Aug 21

youknownothingmomsnow replied to your post: I have sun poisoning and it’s sucky. *…

Oh no! I’m so sorry, sweetie. *hugs*

Aw thanks! I’d hug you back, but I’d probably cry.

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I have sun poisoning and it’s sucky. *pouts*

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