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pentagram-perfect replied to your post: I’m so sad.

It’s ok Hun…. I have vasovagal reactions all the time. Like multiple times a week. From even banging my knee. It sucks not being able to help people, but not everyone can, don’t sweat it babe

really? I’ve given blood before though so it really bothers me not to be able to do it again. I just get like that when it doesn’t go perfect. It drives me insane… like it literally doesn’t hurt. I know I’m fine… but still. The people drawing my blood said they couldn’t try again because I might faint. I’ve never fainted in my life.

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wolvesen asked:
Nooo don't be sad :( Your body is likely having a fight of flight reaction to what may have once been seen a potential threat. Don't be sad because of old ground in instincts. -hugs-

I hate not being able to control it though! its so inconvenient.

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Sep 23
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I’m so sad.

I tried to donate blood today and had a vasovagal reaction, so I couldn’t. I’m really really over being afraid of blood and needles. My brain gets that I’m fine but my nervous system refuses to listen. I’m an O+… I want to help people, but I’m useless if I can’t keep my body from freaking out on me.

*casually sulks in a corner*

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